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Confederation: New Brunswick Defense Speech

Topics to address: Fenian raids encouraged people to support Confederation We have a lot of exposure to the U.S. We want more security Larger militia American Civil War and Manifest Destiny is a threat If we have to support other… Continue Reading →

TED Talk

Below is a link to my TED Talk video and the links to the websites I found helpful. I apologize in advance for the visual and audio quality. I’m not sure why it looks and sounds fuzzy, but if you… Continue Reading →

War of 1812: Independent Investigation #2

For my inquiry question, I decided to focus more on a specific battle within the War of 1812. After watching the video on the War of 1812 and reading the chapter in the textbook, I wanted to look more in-depth… Continue Reading →

My Ecological Footprint

The Plan: April 2018 After completing the survey, I found out that my ecological footprint was 8.36 hectares. Compared to the everyone in my class, my number was relatively average. Many of my friends had a result of a number… Continue Reading →

Hamilton: Wait For It

A: Character Development Throughout the story, Aaron Burr’s character doesn’t get introduced much. His first appearance is when he meets Hamilton, and from then on, he just becomes a background character. This song is the first time we get to… Continue Reading →

In-Depth: Last Blog Post!

Wow, it really is hard to believe that we’ve already made it this far. In-depth night is only about a month away, so I’ve started putting together my learning center. It has come to my attention that I cannot present… Continue Reading →

Hamilton: Big Ideas

Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events. “There’s a million things I haven’t done But just you wait” People were influenced by Hamilton and didn’t expect someone who came from such a background could make a difference to… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #1

Inquiry Question: To what extent did beaver fur affect the wealth of indigenous people?     Historical Significance: During the 1600’s, fur trades were essential to indigenous people and new settlers. Indigenous peoples were important partners in this growing fur… Continue Reading →

In-Depth: Week 11

My in-depth project has been going really well so far, and I’ve been working towards my end goal. For the past few weeks, I worked on creating a miniature model for the site my mentor provided me with. I was… Continue Reading →

To My Dearest Hugh

November 5, 1640 Dearest Hugh, How is the farm treating you? Is it still safe? Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have received my letters. You used to send one back every couple of weeks, but it has been a few… Continue Reading →

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