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In-Depth: Last Blog Post!

Wow, it really is hard to believe that we’ve already made it this far. In-depth night is only about a month away, so I’ve started putting together my learning center. It has come to my attention that I cannot present… Continue Reading →

Hamilton: Big Ideas

Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events. “There’s a million things I haven’t done But just you wait” People were influenced by Hamilton and didn’t expect someone who came from such a background could make a difference to… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #1

Inquiry Question: To what extent did beaver fur affect the wealth of indigenous people?     Historical Significance: During the 1600’s, fur trades were essential to indigenous people and new settlers. Indigenous peoples were important partners in this growing fur… Continue Reading →

In-Depth: Week 11

My in-depth project has been going really well so far, and I’ve been working towards my end goal. For the past few weeks, I worked on creating a miniature model for the site my mentor provided me with. I was… Continue Reading →

To My Dearest Hugh

November 5, 1640 Dearest Hugh, How is the farm treating you? Is it still safe? Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have received my letters. You used to send one back every couple of weeks, but it has been a few… Continue Reading →

DOL: Wheels of Revolution

  (I apologize, the photo will not appear any larger.) The information on the photo is: Social: People lost their trust in religion Land donors and Anglicans sided with King Charles Deepened division of Protestants and Catholics Military districts were… Continue Reading →

In-Depth: Week 7

So far everything has been running pretty smoothly for my in-depth project. I’ve been doing some research on urban and structural designs. My mentor has been really helpful and gave me some sites to take a look at, which I… Continue Reading →

What is the story of my memorable photo album? My significant personal object is this photo album I put together around four years ago. I’m not sure who created the actual album, because my parents bought it before I was… Continue Reading →

Historical Thinking Response

  How can we better understand the people of the past?     In Social Studies we are taking a deeper look at people of the past and historical events. The best answer I can give to the question above… Continue Reading →

In-Depth: Week 5

During these past two weeks of in-depth, I feel that I have been quite efficient with my time. I have secured a mentor and we have had one meeting so far. We have decided to meet every week or two,… Continue Reading →

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