1. Exposition: Introduce Hedy Lamarr’s family, hometown, and talk about her first experience with film and script-writing (her hopes and dreams as a young girl).
  2. Conflict Introduced: Her first huge role in the film Ecstasy in 1932. The film attracted a large amount of people, and she became more known to the public.
  3. Rising Action: Fritz Mandl, a millionaire, married Hedy Lamarr. Whether out of revulsion toward her husband’s politics or from sheer restlessness, Lamarr packed a single suitcase with jewelry, and fled to Paris and then London in 1937.
  4. Rising Action: She began negotiating with producer Louis B. Mayer of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (M-G-M) studio while on her way to New York.
  5. Rising Action: By the time the ship docked in New York she had a $500-a-week contract and the new name of Hedy Lamarr, a name suggested by Mayer.
  6. Climax: Lamarr’s first film in the United States was Algiers (1938), and it was a successful launch for Lamarr’s American career.
  7. Falling Action: She became one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood over the next few years and appeared alongside several of the leading men of that era.
  8. Falling Action: Throughout her acting career more emphasis had been laid on her glamorous looks rather than on her talent, and as she began to age and her beauty started waning, her film career started declining.
  9. Resolution: In spite of being one of the most successful leading ladies in the 1940s, she could not find much success in the 1950s. She acted in only a few films and made one of her last appearances in ‘The Story of Mankind’ (1957). Conclude with her acting achievements and quotes.