There were many websites I found useful to my project, but I chose five that I thought gave the most statistically accurate information. Here is my annotated bibliography of the sources I used for my Eminent Person study.

This website contains information about Hedy Lamarr’s films and early life. It includes quite a lot of details about her career in general, both acting and inventing which I found was helpful with creating my timeline diagram. I wish it could have given more facts about her personal life, that could have been very useful.

If I needed any information about Hedy Lamarr’s inventions and such, I would use this website because unlike other websites, it talked mostly about the scientific side of her life instead of the on-camera sophisticated Hedy. I believed it was important to look at all the different versions and aspects of Hedy’s life, not just her most glamorous and publicly known ones.

This page contains Hedy Lamarr’s life all the way from her early childhood to her last job both on screen and off-screen. It also included facts about her family and work partners, which was helpful to my research. I found it very useful in creating my timeline as the information is very accurate compared to many other sources.

I liked this website because it covered most of the aspects in Hedy Lamarr’s life, including her acting career, behind the scenes, inventions and new technology, and personal life. All the information came in handy during the process of my research, especially for my posters in my learning center.

This page is interesting because it includes direct quotes from Hedy Lamarr. These quotes gave me a unique insight to her personality and views on life that I couldn’t have learned through most of my other sources. The quotes helped me learn a bit more about Hedy through her own words.