First, I’d like to say that I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to present my Learning Center to everyone who came to Night of the Notables. I hope I presented my work in a way that people can understand and engage with.

My main goal for this project was to be able to interact with the people who came by my learning center effectively and concisely. I also wanted to do well in being an MC for the first time because I’ve never done so before and it was quite a new challenge for me. Personally, I’d say that I did meet my goals for this project because every time I had a conversation with someone new, my confidence grew just a little. I had an easier time making a conversation and answering questions by the end of the night. Also, being an MC was difficult to get used to at first, but I didn’t end up as nervous as I though I would be, and many of my classmates said I did a good job.

All the grade ten’s speeches and learning centers were amazing and full of dedication. They really helped me discover what I would like to work harder on next year and some of them especially inspired me and caught my attention. Next year I hope to create a powerful speech and embody my eminent person accurately, as well as being a grade ten that future grade nine’s can look up to.

One of the things that I will remember most from Night of the Notables is when everyone was setting up the learning centers. It really shows how caring and supportive all the students are towards each other. I loved seeing everyone coming together to move tables, helping set up learning centers, and overall just assisting each other when we need it. Honestly, it makes someone so much more self-confident and positive when another person helps you out or compliments your work. That’s one of the reasons why I think TALONS is so amazing and I’m grateful to have all my teachers and classmates there to encourage me.

There are many people I would like to thank for their support and contributions to Night of the Notables. First, I’d like to thank Valerie for being such a wonderful friend and MC. I’d also like to thank all the TALONS teachers for putting in so much time for this eminent project, and for being so understanding and flexible.

Again, I’m extremely grateful that I had the chance to express my learning with all the parents and TALONS alumni who came to Night of the Notables. I will try my best to apply everything I learned from this years’ experience to my presentation next year.