For my ZIP Inquiry Project this year I would like to question and explore slam poetry, as it is my area of passion. I would like to learn about the main components of slam poetry, and how it differs from other types of poetry. The question I would like to pursue is:

What are the main written components of slam poetry that differs it from other styles of poetry?

I chose this question because I enjoy learning about the art of expressing thoughts and images through words. Slam poetry is not only written, it is also usually performed on stage, and I find it to be a very unique way of presenting something to an audience because it tends to be quite mysterious, inspirational or full of different emotions. At this moment, I don’t have many skills that might help me with this project, but I’m very interested in researching this topic, so I believe that I will learn many skills very soon. By the end of this project, I hope to learn about the key components of creating a written slam poem, and how to express them effectively. I’d also like to practice my public speaking skills, and how to express emotion that engages with the audience. I also wish to compare slam poetry with other types of poetry. I will most likely be focusing on comparing slam poetry with free verse poetry because they are written in a very similar form.

For my research, I can seek help from my family friend, as she knows quite a bit about writing poetry. I can also approach anyone I know who is familiar with English literature for support and information. Of course, online websites are also good resources. If I’m lucky, I might be able to get in contact with a poet or writer who knows a bit about slam poetry.

At the end of this inquiry research project, I might present my work with one notebook filled with written slam poetry, and another full of free verse poetry and possibly a few other styles as well. I hope to have some way of artistically presenting the differences I found between the components of creating a slam poem and a free verse poem. I would also like to create and verbally share a slam poem of my own. The point of this performance will be to show what I learned about the articulation of slam poetry, and how to capture the right emotions in a certain poem.

This is my plan below, and I will do my best to follow the schedule I laid out for myself:

  • Week 1: Finish creating the reflection rubric, explore and research inquiry topic, and answer a “learning evidence” question in blog response.
  • Week 2: Explore and research topic, interview or seek support from experts, and answer a “learning evidence” question in blog response.
  • Week 3: Analyze information received, start planning out my presentation, create any props or artifacts needed, and answer a “learning evidence”question in a blog response.
  • Winter Break: Plan presentation (but by now it should be quite organized already).
  • Week 4: Showcase my learning!!