Describe the ups and downs you have encountered to date in your inquiry. Specifically, when you were frustrated or struggling in your inquiry, what did you do to address the situation?



As everyone knows, the ZIP inquiry project has been going on for about a week now. So far, I have been mostly doing some vague research about slam poetry and its main concepts. I have taken a couple pages of notes and recorded all the resources I’ve used so far for this project. My main goal for last week was to do some exploring around the topic of slam poetry in general, and how it relates or differentiates from other styles of poetry. While this researching process is ongoing, I have also thought a little bit about how I want to showcase my learning at the end of this project. I have gained some knowledge on how slam poetry is supposed to be performed in front of an audience, and I will do my best to showcase it for presentations later in the school year.

A couple of small troubles I have had while doing this research are that most websites on slam poetry are written subjectively and unprofessionally, and that there aren’t many rules on writing slam poetry. Almost every poetic device can be used in writing slam poetry, but it’s mostly the performance that makes it different from other types of poetry. Thankfully, there were still quite a few resources that I found useful for my inquiry project, so I acknowledged those small issues and used them to help me find out more information. Even though there were a few ups and downs, I’ve already learned so many new things in just one week and I’m very excited to do more research.