Based on our readings so far, the most significant conflict Junior faces in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is his cultural background and the adjustments that he has to make between the reservation and Reardan. He struggles with trying to be true to himself as an Indian, while also trying to fit in with all the white kids at Reardan. When Junior says “Reardan is the opposite of the rez. It was the opposite of my family. It was the opposite of me”, he is stating that the school he used to attend, Wellpinit, and the school he attends now, Reardan, are complete opposites (56). No matter how hard Junior tries to be or tries not to be a true Indian, others discriminate him. However, within the two opposite worlds he faces, Junior has the ability to make new friends and tries to get a better understanding of why racism towards Indians or those who have disabilities exist in the first place. Even the people from the reservation abandon him and call him a traitor for leaving them. When Junior says “And white people everywhere have always believed that the government just gives money to Indians. […] Yeah, so I pretended to have a little money. I pretended to be middle class. I pretended I belonged”, it’s as if he is giving up a part of his true identity to fit into the assumptions the white kids make about Indians (119). Almost all of Junior’s conflicts arouse from his cultural identity. White people don’t respect Junior because he is an Indian, and because he left the reservation, the Indians from his neighborhood treat him badly as well. In conclusion, Junior struggles with pretending to be someone he is not, just for the fact that he is an Indian, and believes that Indians deserve nothing.