Record a journal entry of how you used one of our in-class focus blocks. What did you accomplish during this time? What did you struggle with? What might be your next step in your next focus block? Set a goal.



During our focus block last Friday, I was able to get plenty of things done. I finished most of my research, took notes, and watched a few videos of slam poetry. Watching people perform slam poetry is really helpful for my final presentation, and I get the chance to listen and watch the performer’s gestures and vocal techniques. I did not have many struggles doing my research because Mr. Morris sent me a very useful document with a lot of information that will be convenient and handy for showcasing my work during final presentations. For our next focus block on Monday, my goal is to finish writing the slam poetry script that will be part of my presentation. Hopefully, if I get that done before the block ends, I will get a chance to read through it and start memorizing it. By Friday this upcoming week, I hope to have finished all of my research, including my slam poetry presentation planned out. Over the winter break, I will add some finishing touches and rehearse the slam poetry. When school starts in January, I will be prepared to showcase everything I’ve learned for the class.