Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of your inquiry?



When we were first introduced to this inquiry project, I had a tough time deciding what topic i wanted to research. Mostly, I didn’t know how to come up with a decent question that will help me learn about my chosen topic. I enjoyed both poetry and lyric-writing, and I didn’t know how to start. I wanted to come up with an engaging and unique question, but that was difficult to think of right away. Now, after quite a few weeks of research and new discoveries, I realized the question itself doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect. During the process of researching, I found it really easy to get caught up in a slightly different topic, or branch off your main idea and create new questions. My advice to myself at the beginning of my inquiry would be to start off by thinking about what I already know, and then asking simple questions about what I want to learn. After brainstorming up a good question, it’s okay to alter or add more detail to that question once I start exploring my subject. I can’t believe that this inquiry project is already coming to an end, and I am very excited to showcase my learning to the class!