During these past two weeks of in-depth, I feel that I have been quite efficient with my time. I have secured a mentor and we have had one meeting so far. We have decided to meet every week or two, depending on how much work I have done within the time I have. Most meeting sessions are going to be approximately half an hour, and in a school environment. I’m very lucky that mentor’s wife is a teacher at Gleneagle, so meeting up with one another is not a difficult task. When my mentor and I aren’t meeting in person, we email to stay in contact. The main challenge I faced during our first meeting is the fact that I could not really keep up with the fast pace and new vocabulary. I’m not very experienced and unfortunately I don’t understand a lot of the terms my mentor used while discussing architectural designs and modelling tools. Even though that was quite a challenge, I managed to communicate effectively, as well as take notes on some of the things I should keep in mind. Something I really enjoyed about the meeting is that I discovered that my mentor is hoping to teach me how to create professional sketching designs and 3D models, which has been a skill I have always wanted to learn.

This week, my job is to find or buy some useful tools that my mentor provided a list of to help me sketch accurately. He found a site in Coquitlam and wrote a project proposal, stating some qualities my design should include. I will personally go and take a look at the site and create a visual image inside my mind of what type of architecture I would like to design. Research will be needed as my project is based around what the community around the site is in need of. It was a pleasure meeting my mentor, and I’ve already learned so many new skills. Now my project is more clear and directed, and I have a good idea of what I am supposed to be focusing on from now until my next meeting. I’m looking forward to it!