What is the story of my memorable photo album?

My significant personal object is this photo album I put together around four years ago. I’m not sure who created the actual album, because my parents bought it before I was born and don’t remember where it was from. I can assume that it was created about fifteen years ago.

I decided to put together this photo album when fifth grade ended, right after my class came back from an amazing year end trip to Thetis Island. Knowing that someday soon I would have to say goodbye to my fellow friends, I wanted to find a way to capture all the fun moments we spent together. Due to this, most of my photos in my album right now are from elementary school memories. It is a primary source because I personally created the album, decorating and filling it in with photos of my life.


Every part of this object is important and significant to me because every single photo brings me back to the exact moment it was taken. It is almost as if I can hear the laughter of my friends through the pictures. I find it interesting that a 2D image can bring me to tears of bittersweet or joy. I can’t explain my choice of decoration on the front cover, because I don’t even remember why I designed it in such a unique way. The letters “MLP” are drawn on the front of my album. It stands for Memorable Life Photographs, although it only consists of elementary school photos at the moment.

I belong to a group of people who treasures memories and relationships. Being able to spend time with friends and family is more important than becoming the best in everything I do. When I was younger, I never knew to cherish the people around me. I believed that those you really cared about or cared about you will always stick with you for your entire life, but the sad truth is that not everything lasts, no matter how good it is.

Some questions are not easy to answer, and it is quite difficult for me to explain my exact emotions and feelings of attachment to this significant object. A couple of questions I have for myself are: What do I consider a significant photo (a photo worth keeping)? In ten years, how will I feel about my photo album?