So far everything has been running pretty smoothly for my in-depth project. I’ve been doing some research on urban and structural designs. My mentor has been really helpful and gave me some sites to take a look at, which I am currently working on. My mentor and I try to stay in touch while I am working on my research and drafting, so if I have any questions we can work things out together. Luckily for me, my sister has quite a lot of architect tools which I could use. My current set “homework” from my mentor is to take a look at some designs online, which he provided a link to Pinterest to help me. I also should get my ideas on paper, sketching down some thoughts on tracing paper before getting into detail. I am also hoping to meet up with my mentor again this week to show him my progress.

I’m really satisfied about the direction my project is heading. In my mind I am hoping that I can finish all my sketches and ideas in March, as well as learn some of the basics of architectural designing. In April, I would like to do some hands-on modelling. There are many supplies offered at Michael’s or Opus where I can buy specific materials for my miniature models. I am very excited to learn these skills from my mentor and I hope I can take on the challenge!

A minor inconvenience that has come up is that I haven’t had the chance to pick up some tracing paper from the art store yet, and the tracing paper is crucial to making proper drafts and sketches. I can probably buy some this weekend so I can get started on that. Something I hope can work better is managing my time and progress. I can keep track of this by setting weekly goals to achieve the certain amount of work I should have completed.