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  1. The information on the photo is:


  • People lost their trust in religion
  • Land donors and Anglicans sided with King Charles
  • Deepened division of Protestants and Catholics
  • Military districts were established and people’s homes were destroyed


  • A lot of property was destroyed
  • Capitalism rose
  • Monarchy learned to be more responsible with money
  • King Charles utilized the Divine Right of Kings to collect taxes from citizens


  • Discovery of gunpowder
  • Inventors devised new weapons, such as the repeating rifle and the submarine
  • Parliament opposed so they began to improve their army


  • Parliament was trying to overthrow King Charles
  • A new king was re-instituted
  • Monarchy stepped down, the Parliament took over and both learned to work together

2. In what ways did your event follow the same trajectory as other events in the past or present?

The English Civil War can be compared to some Revolutions, such as the American Revolution. The conflicts are caused by disrespect from their rulers. Monarchy was in place, and everyone was furious with the extreme taxing and unfair treatment. Both the English Civil War and the American Revolution fought to be free from monarchy, and rebels were led by people experienced in self-government.  In the present day, people have more power than the people in the past had. Even though we are still led by a leader, and taxes are being collected, regular citizens have more of a say in decisions affecting the wider public.

3. Does your wheel represent, or end in justice for those involved? Does it remain unresolved, or does it continue into another revolution? If so, which one? In other words, were the consequences of the event positive or negative? To whom?

I would say that the English Civil War did not end in justice for the people involved. Even though King Charles was executed and the battle resulted somewhat satisfactory, many people lost their lives, the economy suffered, and plenty of property was damaged. The battle between the Parliament and King Charles ended in a way many people wished for, and a republic was formed. The consequences of the English Civil War were both negative and positive, because it is upsetting how many lives were taken, but the Parliament grew in power and a middle class rose.