November 5, 1640

Dearest Hugh,

How is the farm treating you? Is it still safe? Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have received my letters. You used to send one back every couple of weeks, but it has been a few months already. Please tell me everything is well. These men came to our home a few days ago, saying we cannot live here anymore. They said they will come back soon. Please Hugh, come home.

I am afraid I have terrible news to bring upon you. Ezra. He did not survive his first month on this earth. As a mother, I am heartbroken. I am telling you, Hugh, the rates of mortality are getting higher by the day. I just hope nothing happens to our dearest sons and daughters. Frederick and Althea are gut-foundered, we have nothing to eat at all. Edna, Elise and Henry are crying for their father. We need you home, Hugh, I cannot possibly take care of everybody without you.

Taxes are raising, and I don’t have anything more to give. If you have any extra pay, please send them in your next letter. We are in desperate need and will be taken out of our home if we don’t have anything to offer the government. Also, the pipes are broken again, no running water. I miss you Hugh, we are all missing you. Please tell me you are alive and doing alright. Come home.

Your loving wife,