Wow, it really is hard to believe that we’ve already made it this far. In-depth night is only about a month away, so I’ve started putting together my learning center. It has come to my attention that I cannot present everything I learned along the way, but I can showcase the highlights.

Recently, I have managed to finish up my large-scale sketches of the site I have been working on. I have also started my model, but unfortunately it isn’t completed yet. My goal is to make the model as exact to the sketch as possible, which is quite difficult, but doable. If I have any extra time, I hope to create more sketches of my site from different angles to capture all the perspectives. A few challenges I have come across would be that my mentor and I didn’t stay in touch as much as we intended to. I believe this was the case because he was able to set me off on a strong start, and now I am kind of managing on my own. Although, we haven’t had a meeting very recently, I will make sure to plan one with him as soon as I can to describe my progress as ideas for in-depth night.

There were also many parts of my project that were successful. For example, I have reached my goal from the beginning of the year, which was to learn about the basics of architecture and how to design a site, using the right tools. I was able to get access to these tools to create sketches and models. My mentor helped me understand this, and I am grateful to have a guide along the way.

Lastly, what is my plan for in-depth night?

I am hoping that my in-depth learning center will include all the sketches of my site, which include the very first rough drafts, a large-scale rough draft, a large-scale good sketch, and a sketch from a different perspective (if I have the time). I would also want to present the model I have created. It is quite small, so it would be able to fit on a regular sized desk or table. The tools I have used during this whole project will be displayed too, and a short description of my in-depth will most likely be on a poster board. I’m excited yet nervous for in-depth night because it’s so hard to believe it is almost over. Hopefully my learning center will be as I planned, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s projects as well!