Topics to address:

  • Fenian raids encouraged people to support Confederation
  • We have a lot of exposure to the U.S.
  • We want more security
  • Larger militia
  • American Civil War and Manifest Destiny is a threat
  • If we have to support other colonies, we would lose defense along borders


Your royal highness, ladies, and gentlemen, I, Charles Fisher will be representing New Brunswick in the topic of defense. As Mr. Wilmot has stated, New Brunswick is for Confederation because of the support it can bring to our economy, as well as the other colonies. Regarding New Brunswick’s defense and military, we would like to address some specific points.

Our first main point is concerning the Fenian Raids. The Fenian Raids greatly impacted the view of Confederation within New Brunswick. Since our colony is very open to bodies of water, it is extremely accessible. This created an easy target for the Fenians. And although the only damage the Fenian Raids have brought to New Brunswick were destructions of buildings, it fuelled New Brunswick’s sense of insecurity and increased support for Confederation.

The second point we would like to address is the American Civil War and Manifest Destiny affecting New Brunswick. We border the United States, and so both events have negatively influenced us. We fear that people from the U.S. will soon be invading our land. In addition to this, New Brunswick would need a larger military organization to protect our colony, which leads me to our next main point.

New Brunswick wants a larger militia for the security of all the colonies. However, if we have to support the other colonies, we would lose defense along our own borders. As we know, New Brunswick is a colony with tons of coastal area, which means we are in a vulnerable position when it comes to assailants. Furthermore, as I stated previously, we are bordering the United States, and having the threat of possible invasion builds up the need for a strong militia. In order for this to be achieved, we require the support from the rest of Canada.

In conclusion, New Brunswick encourages Confederation when regarding military and defense. We are in need of support from other colonies and the rest of Canada as a whole. Confederation can unite us, provide everyone with their needs, and help prevent further attacks and invasions. We expect to receive assistance from our allies if we do result in Confederation, as well as a stronger army. New Brunswick believes that if we all come together, Canada’s security and defense will greatly expand and form a powerful nation. Thank you.