January 7 – January 8

During the focus block on January 7, I researched Disney movies that utilize a great amount of cultural behavior and language. I created a list of five movies that I will be focusing on for this project. The movies are Mulan, Moana, Coco, Aladdin, and Pocahontas. Then, I took notes on the specific cultural-based scenes, whether that be the songs, dances, attire, dialogue, or etiquette. I realize that I have not watched a few of these movies in a long time, so I hope to find time to re-watch them. By watching the movie, specific moments that are culturally significant will be noticed. I plan to watch one this weekend.

During the focus block on January 8, I conducted focused research on just one movie: Mulan. I discovered that cultures may not be accurately portrayed in some Disney movies. For example, while researching Mulan, I read how the Chinese audience reacted to the movie. Not only was it shown as stereotyping China, but it was also gender-stereotypical. After reading through many websites with movie reviews, I concluded that cultural representation in children’s movies is only notable when depicted correctly. This piece of information slightly contradicts my inquiry question, but I do not regret the discovery. It is very important to note all the pros and cons of cultural representation because another big issue is cultural appropriation. I will take that into account during the rest of my inquiry.


(I apologize about the blurry picture. It basically just includes my research on the selected five Disney movies. -taken on January 7-)