For the past few days on my journey of ZIP research, I have opened and closed many websites, read and reread many articles, and taken notes on relevant information. Here are a couple of resources that I found useful:

This website talks about the “Languages of Moana”. It explains the meanings behind character names in the movie. For example, Moana means “ocean” in Maori, Hawaiian, and most other Polynesian languages. It gives a brief overview of the cultural language spoken in the movie, and why it is spoken.

On this website, a woman talks about her personal experience watching Mulan as a child and watching Mulan as an adult. The lens that we view movies through changes as we develop as individuals in society. She now recognizes stereotypes within the movie and brings them into perspective.

This site asks a very good question about “representation or appropriation”? It explains both negative and positive sides to some Disney movies. Although this website is slightly off topic from my main inquiry question, I still believe it is useful for my research and contains insightful information.