This year for in-depth, I will be studying the art of yoga. Yoga is a mental and physical practice that not only relaxes the body but the mind as well. For the first couple of months along the learning process, I will mainly conduct research regarding the purpose of yoga, and how it helps relieves stress for students, such as myself. The next couple of months will be dedicated to specifically practicing the yoga poses and creating a presentation that effectively showcases my learning.

yogaThroughout the five months of this project, I will attend yoga classes every two weeks at Yoga Generation. An instructor who teaches there, Jenny, will be my mentor. After every yoga class, I will have the opportunity to ask her about my inquiries. In my own time, I will also review the yoga poses that I learn from her. I am hoping to take photos to track my progress (balance, posture, flexibility, etc.).

I want to learn about yoga because it is a lifelong skill that can be applicable to my daily life. I would also like to be capable of sharing my knowledge of yoga with my peers. Yoga is known to be a calming form of exercise; the benefits of this exercise are both mental and physical. I believe that simple yoga should be known and taught internationally, providing a healthy stress-reliever to many people around the world.